In The Spirit of Dawn

As the earth greets the sun… and the sun greets the earth, it also greets you… (~'~)

Inhale slow and deeply, as you feel the rays of the sun warm the earth and in turn radiate warmth thru your soul…. Allow your body and mind to absorb the energy that’s being gifted to us as the earth meets the warmth of the sun at day break… inhale long and slow and exhale long and slow… feel the sense of gratitude a new day brings to you.. before you start your to do list, this is the number one moment of the day.. let the awakening of a new day feed and warm your body mind and soul… pause. Take it all in.. let go of any anxiety of what you have to do…center yourself, feed your soul, be one with this very moment of dawn. (~'~)

Nichole Tatem, L.Ac.