"My first day running... The treatment help me physically,emotionally & spiritually. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                        -Marathon Runner

"Ms. Tatem is a good women, I went in to the clinic just to get some info on acupuncture and ended up becoming a weekly patient. I get treated for weight management and I've lost weight and haven't had to starve myself or take any kind of pills. Ms. Tatem works "miracles". Never felt like this in my entire life! "-TLC

""Ive been through a lot of stress for the past two years and it was hard for me to let go of certain things!, then one day. I went to this restaurant and Tatem Acupuncture was right next door. I've always had acupuncture in the back of my mind, but never try it! Then i said to myself ! I want to give it a shot . I went inside spoke with Nichole and schedule an appointment. May, I say it was the best stress relief ever!"" -K.Breeze

"I was very impressed. A long standing injury to my knee prompted me to try surgery, which did not help. Nichole Tatem (Licensed Acupuncturist) suggested regular acupuncture and various dietary changes, complemented by leg strengthening exercises. I am mobile again and the swelling has abated. Tatem Acupuncture & Wellness have me on the road to recovery with some amazing results!" 


"Unlike most patients who went to acupuncture for injuries. I went for a full physical and the experience. It was my first time being treated with acupuncture and I was sacred of out of mind but Dr. Tatem being the ultimate professional that she is, walk me thru the ordeal very calm. After my session was concluded I felt replenished. It was an astonishing experience and I am also impressed with her herbal treatments!" -R.David

"Having had sinus issues for the past few years and numerous visits to doctors & ENT specialists, acupuncture was the furthest from my mind. After being recommended to Ms. Tatem from a mutual friend, I said hey I'll give it a shot. And boy was I glad, I did!!! Ms. Tatem was an absolute professional and very detailed in her knowledge of this ancient practice. I left feeling rejuvenated with clearer breathing! I cant wait for my next treatment! Tatem Acupuncture & Wellness gets two big thumbs up (only because I don't have more than two)!!"  -D.Hayes

"Knowing Ms. Nichole Tatem is a blessing in disguise. I wrenched my back on a Sunday so bad that I was unable to walk. It just so happened that Ms. Tatem was available and able to treat me the next day (Monday) also putting me on a strict diet. On the Wednesday I had a second treatment and it worked wonders! That Friday I was able to take my trip to Atlanta where I partied like a rockstar with full mobility and no pain." -Maurice

"I had a lot of stiffness in my face, my breathing was very shallow and blood pressure was a bit high, but with the "  help of Ms Nichole's acupuncture!" I was able to relax these tensions on my body and regulate my blood pressure at normal rate!"-Anderson

“The session was MAGIC! Thank you so much!” -Eva

“Nichole has to be one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many acupuncturists! I suffered from residual hamstring pain for over four years after only two treatments from her I’m 80% pain free.” -T.A., PT

“I’m feeling like I’m plastic man!!!” -NYC Streetball Player

“I’m sleeping on a regular now!  And my blood pressure is down! This is definitely working.” -Doctor B.

“My hair is back to normal and for the first time in years my skin is so clear! I can’t thank you enough!”                                                                                        -Wall Street Broker

“I am extremely happy about the treatments!  You were knowledgeable about my sport and I was able to get considerable relief from the swelling in my knee!” -T.F.